June 28th, 2005

my eye

Moneta, Iowa

i found an abandon town. It was called Moneta, and at one time it had a main street and a kindergarden through twelfth grade school. the only things left are abandoned homes, and streets with overgrown trees and weeds. there is one house in "town" that is still being lived in as far as i can tell. i called the county and someone bought the property that the town sat on. so now technically the whole place belongs to someone.

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this is the best picture i could get without a flash. its the giant abandoned hotel right off rt. 90 in cleveland next to the FOX 8 building.


a daytime picture

Jeff, Bethany and I met Nate and Bryan up there last night around 10:30. it took us a while to find somewhere to park and we had to wait a little bit cause we kept seeing cops driving around by it. but we got up to it and climbed up onto the first story roof.. and found a window that was open on the third floor. so we climbed in through that. once we got in we were a bit dissapointed. everything was stripped out of the place. there werent really any walls and there was just wood and stuff laying around. it looked like they were in the middle of remodeling but then stopped. we were scared the whole time of finding a homeless person because its right in the ghetto.. of east 55th. anyways i took a few pictures.. nothing great.. but i'm glad we finally got to go in there.

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