June 29th, 2005


house outside Sanborn, Iowa

my friend and i found this place a while ago. but decided to finally go yesterday.

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someone had already broken the window next to the back door. the back door was bolted shut, and the front door was boarded up. we got in through the window next to the back door which sat right above the steps to the basement. parts of the house looked new, as if someone had tried to start making it better, and then stopped.

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this is where we were.

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Here's some more from the old Psych Hospital by my house. This set isn't that great, but it's kind of like a tour through the hospital and I like them. I think you can hover your mouse over the pictures for some "tour commentary."

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this building is going down soon, so i think i'll have to go back. i'm not quite satisfied with all of my pictures. poo.