June 30th, 2005


Tatham Springs Hotel, Part IV

Part I   - The Exterior of the Hotel
Part II  - The Pool  & Bath Houses
Part III - The First Floor Interior, A
Part IV  - The First Floor Interior, B
Part V - The 2nd Floor Foyer, Hall, and Exterior
Part VI - The 2nd Floor Interior
Part VII - In search of the Tatham Spring

Part IV  - The First Floor Interior, B

As you may recall, when we reached the first of the corner rooms, we caught a glimpse of a room through a doorway with a fireplace. 

If you were to turn and look through the doorway, you would have the following view:

Unlike the sides of the hotel, where the rooms are are not adjoining, the front of the Hotel is essentially a continuous flow of rooms, almost to the other corner.  Additionally, each room also has its own access to the porch and a couple have access to the rear.  Consulting our diagram, the above photos were taken roughly where the red "X" is.  The blue lines indicate our photographic focus today, the public and administrative rooms of the first floor along the spine of the "E" as well as the middle branch, which contains the Hotel's old dining hall and kitchen facilities.

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Broad Daylight

OK, I've been fascinated by this building for years. It's on the grounds of a convalescent home on the North Shore of Oahu. My rental car and I were fully visible from the home and from the road, so I just took a few shots (the sneaky ones, not the best ones) and took off!

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I've only just started venturing into abandoned houses and such. Is it just me, or do old abandoned houses have different,bright colors inside each room? The last one I went into seemed to have 5 colors at least in the different rooms. Seemed sort of strange to me.

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