July 1st, 2005

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Joshua Tree Grange Number 664

Its been a while since I actually posted some of my stuff. I'm going to make amends by offering you all a journey I took last September. These pictures first appeared in www.lostdestinations.com in November of 04, but since they're my photos, I'll happily offer them up here.

Grange 664 – A ghost of the Antelope Valley

This ruin is about 10 miles east of Lancaster, CA. Explored on 10 September 04.

There are many abandoned, unused and lost locales the sunny Mohave Desert and Antelope Valley. One of the first ones I explored was the ruins of Grange Hall 664. What’s the Grange you might ask? It’s a fraternal organization, much like the Moose and Masonic Order, but its primary focus was to organize and support members of the farming community. Although it might be hard to believe now, there was extensive farming in the Mohave and AV from the 1880’s thru 1950’s. Poor planning and the needs of Los Angeles led to water shortages that have reduced farming in this area to a shadow of its former level. I could find no date on the building as to when it was built, though the style and construction techniques might date it to the 1920’s or 30’s.

The Sign

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