July 3rd, 2005


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The Hillcrest Building (originally called "The Criminal Building," because it was used to house the criminally insane) was built as part of the Spring Grove Mental Hospital in the 1920s, but was bought by UMBC in the '60s, used by the University, and abandoned five years ago due to asbestos, lead paint, etc. There are all sorts of rumors about it-- it's haunted, the character Hannibal Lecter was inspired by one of the inmates (the mental hospital in the book and movie was located in Baltimore), it's used for SWAT team training. In the past few months there have been a few armed robberies in the parking lot next to it...

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Ride through town

So after joing this group months ago, I decided that on one of my frequent mountain biking rides I'd bring a camera and photo some of the abandoned places and areas that I see. The last few I didn't go inside because it's right along the street, but perhaps someday and night I'll swing by. I'm by no means a professional photographer, but I hope you enjoy! All photos were taken in Ketchikan, Alaska.

Old Storage Shed?
We thought this was an old storage shed or something...

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ride inspector

Whitneyville, Maine

these were taken at the old post office in whitneyville, maine. it's for sale along with the house next door. my husband and i pretended that we were interested in buying it (62K for 2 houses!) just so we could get inside. it was unstoppable, although we couldn't explore to the fullest because the floors were too rotted. anyway, on to the pics...

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Gram's Meter

any takers?

Years ago the government was going to flood an area near what is now the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area to build a damn. Many houses were torn down. Few remain in most places. One town has 2 houses still standing. For $1 a year you can lease one of these homes--providing you fix up the house and agree to maintain it. So far there are no takers for this one. Anyone interested?

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