July 13th, 2005


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So I (halogirl66) have found myself taking pictures of interesting (to me) things as I drive to and from work. So I created a journal just for this stuff </a></b></a>driveby_photos. Since it's Detroit, you will see a lot of old broken buildings and abandoned places So add me if you are interested :)

Here we go...

Pilgrim Church, Detroit MI
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This is a church I pass everyday on my way to work. It looks like it used to be a beautful church with magnificent stained glass windows. Nows its just depressing. But I like the way this photo came out, the way the sunlight falls on the church, it's almost Godlike.

I don't know how long it has been abandoned. There is an old faded sign that is a plea for the community to raise $5000 to save the stained glass windows but I guess it didn't work. I would love to get inside one day to get better pictures of the stained glass.

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Off of a quiet street in Mundelein, Illinois, is an old hotel, The Central Hotel, established in 1896. Unfortunately, I have not yet uncovered any historical information on this site, but hopefully a visit to town hall can change that. I have no clue if it will be raized soon or not, but I have a feeling it probably will. Such a neat building too. Could be a nice bed-and-breakfast. I couldn't take pictures of the inside, there wasn't a decent way in, and besides the area was crowded with people (read the caption of the last picture.) All I saw when I peered through the window was a half broken toilet lying in the middle of a big room, and a couch, and what looked like a fan in the window. The property is owned by someone, and I assume they go in there every so often, but the place is in disrepair.

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