July 20th, 2005


Brandon, South Dakota

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my friend and i were trying to find really unique place to take his senior pictures. we remembered a bridge on drive to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. we couldn't remember exactly where it was so we hopped in the car one afternoon and just went searching for it.

the bridge at Iverson Crossing wasn't the bridge we had set out to find, but it was amazing none the less.

the bridge is owned by the family who's property it sits on. and it looks as if they use it for storage. no one was around the day we found it, so we got free reign of our exploration.

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there was a sign for the bridge just at the edge of town, we followed the arrows down a narrow gravel road that ended at a private residence. just before their "no trespassing" and "private drive" signs was a small dirt road that lead to a field. we parked in the field and hiked it around the backyard to the bridge.

thanks to google a birds eye view of the bridge. just to the right of the bridge is the field where we parked.

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West Point, VA

This is an abandoned grainery office loceated in West Point, VA. A few years ago I was able to get in there, but it has since been boarded up and I really don't want a trespassing charge.

When I get home from vacation, i'll go back and get more photos :)

Nuppy Mountain House

HA! There was a piece about the house on the CBC news tonight (thanks to sonikgirl for pointing that out). Apparently way back in the day when the farmer that owns it bought it, he paid 1500$ for the house and 250 acre lot it sits on... Best of all he doesn't mind people actually getting close to the place! (which was my major concern (having seen one to many movies where pepople are chased by shot gun wielding farmers...)

Anyway, this is the last pic I have of the place from this roll. But there will be more after my next trip up that way!!

Unfinished buildings of the oncological center, Moscow [Russia]

Specially for Russian and especially Moscow contingent: In connection with the become frequent cases of visitings of similar places after uploading photos in Int and the subsequent destruction of these places, monitoring of these places by police and full subsequent closing of these places, I don't answer any questions "how to going inside and where this place is?". I am bored to death :=\

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this was taken in one of a group of 5 houses outside gresham, oregon. they were all abandoned when we did the photo shoot. the buildings are no longer standing. :(