July 27th, 2005


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hi, my names corri. im from cape cod, massachusetts. i adore going to abandoned buildings, or any sort of similar adventures. some places ive been: the pheasant farms (( a collection of abandoned farm houses scattered among the trees in sandwich mass. very creepy & nice.)), the cracker barrell ((an abandoned factory in hyannis. a bit too public for my tastes, but still interesting)), a mental institution which i dont know the name of in plymouth mass. i regretfully didnt get to explore much of it, but it was intense.

so, i have a question.

for any of you in the area or otherwise...
do any of you know anything about or have been inside or outside of danvers hospital? ((mental institution in salem, mass.)) in case you didnt know, its the mental institution that the movie session nine takes place in. i went there with a couple friends this past winter during the day & it was very well patroled by security so we couldnt get in. i also heard it was supposed to be torn down in the spring of this year. i hope this hasnt happened. im still determined to get inside this place.
thanks in advance for any information. :)

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The Paul Quinn Campus, the location of the first African American college west of the Mississippi River, was founded in 1872 in Austin and relocated to Waco in 1881, serving as a cornerstone of the east Waco community for over 100 years. The college has since moved on to Dallas, but the campus is still here. They're tearing down a lot of the old buildings and renovating the property, but a group of us were able to get permission to take a few shots and film a zombie movie on location. Here are some of my favorites from my friend's collection.

The administration building

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Regarding the Danvers State Hospital, Massachusetts

I am a Massachusetts resident, and the Hospital upon which "Session 9" is based is in danger of being torn down as early as this September:

Everyone: Please take a minute and sign this petition to help maintain this historic and important building: http://www.petitiononline.com/dssehl/

Apartments and condos. How fucking sad.

PS. If you want to visit the ground of the DSH

Visitors are allowed to tour the grounds of Danvers State Hospital. For the fourth Tuesday of every month (until further notice), Danvers State Hospital will be open to the public from 10:00 am – 12:00 Noon. No entry to buildings is allowed. YOU MUST REGISTER TO BE ALLOWED ON THE GROUNDS DURING THIS TIME. To register call Mary Bogdan, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, at 978-365-7352. Meet at the security trailer at the top of the Highlands Parcel. You must be 18 or older to visit.