August 2nd, 2005

wendys, bacon, saw

Winslow Junction

Winslow Junction was once part of a very important railline, serving southern NJ and the corrider into Philadelphia. About 30 years ago the two main rail lines in the area were abandoned by the rail companies. These trains are NOT abandoned, though they look it. When I stopped by there were a half dozen guys around working on, in, and around these rusting monsters.

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  • xhen

M/V Ann Jolene

On my first post, many people commented that they'd like me to revist the boat I got pics of. So, I finally went back to revist it and found it to be a treasure trove! A friend who accompanied me said that it was for sale for a few years and looks to just have been left there to succumb to the elements and vandals. As we approached, I found the name to be the Ann Jolene. Looks to have been a good boat in her day.

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