August 6th, 2005

waterhouse main

mausoleum, sellwood

never been to one before. in the south wing, some of the crypts were over one hundred years old...that part of the building isn't maintained; i guess nobody goes there anymore. there is even graffitti on some of the windows...other windows are boarded up.

the figure in this image is me. the exposure was 10 seconds. after i clicked the shutter i decided to walk down the hall.


an empty chair.
Me - Headshot

More Alaskan Goodness (this time with digital crunchies)

While I was up in the far north, I was fortunate to have not only my old reliable Minolta Maxxum 3xi (35mm), but an associate from work loaned me his Nikon Cool Pix 5000. I noticed that in some cases the Nikon digital brought in more color and vibrancy than my 35 shooting 400 speed, high color film. Tell me what you think.

Take a look if interested in my personal journal come to:

I would ask a question of the assembled group. Up till recently, I’ve been considering a high end automatic digital to augment my photography activities. Particularly, I’ve been leaning heavily towards the Konica-Minolta Z5 (12x optical zoom & 4x digital). I’ve also looked at the Canon 2s 2x. I’d be interested in opinions on these or other cameras.
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i went to an abandoned victorian insane asylum.

and took pictures.

specifically, the central state hospital, a.k.a. the central indiana hospital for the insane.

the grounds are huge, but the only building currently in use is the old pathology building, now the home of the [indiana medical history museum].

(i just did a quick resize on some of them and slapped on borders; these are not fancy.)

here's the museum building:

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"Life on the Inside"

The following are pics I took of a place that's intrigued me for a long time. There are apartments currently being used on either side of this "tunnel" between them that leads to this abandoned area next to an abandoned industrial complex. I'm assuming this area was offices/storage/living quarters. The pics were taken in order from walking into it, turning around and taking pics from the "inside" and then on the way back out (the 2 door shots that look similar are the same door taken on the way in and then on the way back out). Artistically, 5 and 6 are my faves. Hope ya like!!
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