August 14th, 2005


A beautiful house from my hometown.

The fire on the 16th of June 1899 left Penicuik House un-inhabitable and the desire to rebuild was quashed when insurance payments were not received. Rebuilding would have been far too costly; on the evening of the fire, the damage was already estimated at around £35,000.

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At the moment work is being done to make the house structurally safe. Since I have lived in Penicuik people has never been permitted to go inside. Soon I will be able to armed with my camera!
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Niagara Falls, Ontario…lower rapids of the Niagara River

This area used to be the right of way for the Niagara Gorge Railroad but it shut down in 1935 after a rock slide damaged the remaining tracks.

Now both sides of the rapids are owned and operated by park services. These pictures were taken on the Canadian side on the White Water Walk.

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