August 17th, 2005


Luna Lake

So today I went into to Schoolfield neighborhood of Danville, VA to look at an abandoned place.

The Luna Lake recreational complex was built around 1930 and thrived from the early 40s to 60s. It was a cavernous swimming hole, fed by chlorinated water pumped from nearby Rutledge Creek, and featured a diving platform and a slide, as well as a concession pavilion (hot dogs and a jukebox), a tented skating rink, a picnic area and a double-decked L-shaped bathhouse (the bathhouse burned down in 1948 but was quickly rebuilt). Luna Lake's status as booming local youth hangout remained undiminished until the 1960's when most families began to own more than one car and the mobility of Danville teenagers (and adults too, of course) began to increase. People went further away to have a good time, and thus Luna Lake's prominence in the Schoolfield neighborhood began to decline. It is speculated that racial tensions and desegregation at the beginning of the 60s maybe have have hurt business to such a degree that Luna Lake was closed around 1965.

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Gram's Meter

Carson, VA

Former home of Sylvia Wells of Carson VA. The main part of the house is over 100 years old (still trying to get a specific date) Kitchen, extra bedroom and bath added later. House has been empty, but for some furniture, since 1998. The children of the Ms. Wells have decided to demolish the house, b/c they no longer want to pay property taxes. It's a shame. I spent almost every weekend here as a child for about 8 years. Only two pics from inside--saw some critters and kinda freaked out. Some "critter" pics included, but only from the outside.

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Remnants of a mill...

Rockville CT

This mill was being used for storage up until this week. It caught fire and actually explosions occurred. It seems they were storing chemicals that they perhaps should not have. The fire was hot enough to melt/bend the girders of the roof.