August 20th, 2005

Looking behind the words

Abandoned Hospitals

Guess what I found! Another site with several pictures of abandoned hospitals. These images are sooo pretty! <333 I posted an entry over at another community (sorry it was about Maryland abandoned buildings) & I was looking for info on The Crownsville State Hospital. So this guy posted this link with the section of the building I was looking for. I think these buildings are "abandoned" not quite sure.

Also, I have the picutres of "Glen Dale Hospital" developed. But my father needs to get the scanner to work. He doesn't know how to work it or something like that. So once that gets done, I'll post them for you guys. ^________^ Be patient please & I cought some orbs in two photos!
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if you haven't been there yet.. please check out:

my boyfriend (ugly_one) and I have been working really hard on this webpage. we explore abandoned buildings at least once a week with a bunch of friends.. and put our pictures up here. We live in northern ohio, so we do most of our exploring around here, but we do take road trips from time to time to other places.

a lot of the buildings that we have on our page you wont find on any other UE sites. we try to find buildings that arent frequently explored.

if you've already been to our page.. we added five new buildings last night.

email us and let us know what you think.. any suggestions.. etc.