August 22nd, 2005

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These were taken yesterday at the Renwick Smallpox Hospital ruins on New York City's Roosevelt Island. Only been living in New York for 2 weeks and I'm already breaking and entering. Go me. It's an eeriely beautiful building, and the interior is even more awe-inspiring than the outside. It has been decaying for so long now that full grown trees sprout from the ground on the inside. The roof and all of the floors are gone, and all that remains is a stone shell of this once iconic hospital. I hope you enjoy this submission.
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Buffalo State Asylum

Well, if you thought the Renwick Hospital was cool, this next one is going to make you flabbergasted. This is the old Buffalo State Asylum, built by HH Richardson in the latter 19th Century. It has stood, crumbling, for the last 35 years or so on Buffalo NY's Forest Ave. The pictures barely give you an idea how large this place really is. At one time the grounds of this place covered what is now Buffalo State College. There was a working farm, and housing for doctors and their families. The asylum took 20 years to finish, and as you can see they stopped building with stone along the way and switched to brick. The stone part is much more interesting, but cost became a factor and the majority of the complex was finished in brick. It is heavily patrolled and highly unsafe, so I know few who have gotten inside. The ones who have, though, have quite the stories to tell. To see the interior of this breath taking place, please visit Enjoy these, I know I have enjoyed living only a short drive away from this place, and I already miss being 400 miles away. *WARNING: there are close to 100 photos under this cut. Don't even bother if you have dial-up*

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St. Augustines of SINY


Its been dubbed " The Monistary " But never was one, it was an old catholic boys school.
Legend has it, a monk went mad and killed his brother moks, burying them in the sub basements, naturally thats how it got its name - The Monistary, and noone has ever found these sub levels, the basement itself is buried beneath is very creepy though.


Ofcourse rumers float around of Satanic cults using the area, and Im sure they are there...


Look out below

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Continued Desert Wandering (The Burro Schmidt Mine) Part 4

This is part 4 of the Burro Schmidt Mine exploration by kids and I completed last October. Bittersweet memories linger in the Seger House. Hopes and dreams of a long gone era hang like a thick shroud of dust.

Burro Schmidt Mine
10 Oct 04

So many comments were made on this previously I had to repost it and explain. This shot came from inside the Seger house next door to the Burro Schmidt mine shack. The feminine protection on the table was likely from Tonie’s granddaughter, or (sadly) a stop gap measure for an over 80 year old woman’s incontinence. There were Depends in storage cabinets elsewhere in the home. The table, the lighting and the items there just seemed to whisper an untold story of life and the people who had been there and were now passed.

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