August 25th, 2005

Silicon World

Santiago de Chile, Chile

well, i'm new, but i've seen the community before... and i want to share a pics of a small house in the "garden" of my house... it has been since my parents brought the house in 1992 and there we keep some garbage. Until now we don't know what should do with it.

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i hope you like them and feel free to erase the post if was a wrong place.
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using abandoned loosely.....

So last Thursday Southeastern Wisconsin was graced with the presence of 24 separate tornadoes. The most horrific one took place in Stoughton, WI which is 15 miles SE of Madison, WI. I live in Madison and happened to be holed up at a restaurant when the tornadoes hit. Luckily nothing happened in Madison except torrential down pours. I did not take these pictures but I had to share them.

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