August 27th, 2005


Abandoned Hospital

Last week while I was in Sydney (Australia), I went for a day trip to the Blue Mountains with a friend. We were unable to go for a bushwalk as intended so went for a bit of an exploratory mission.

We discovered the Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital. I have subsequently found some background information, that it was de-commissioned in 1999 and was an aged care facility (and not, as I'd guessed, a psychiatric facility). It was a really spooky location.


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More of my photos from this site are in my photo journal.

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Does anyone know of any good places in Australia to go visit? Preferrably in NSW??

Ans also, is there any way to find out if I made a post in this community ages ago?? I know I wanted to, I just cant remember if I did.. Do I have to go searching through??

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It's amazing what you don't notice when you're not looking for it. I've driven past this place time and time again the last 7 years and I didn't even notice it until last week. Finally took some time to sneak out there today. Windsor, WI on Hwy 19 at the Hwy 51 on ramp.

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Thanks to the people who replied to my last entry!! And because I cant find out if I did actually make a post a while back (I think I might have...??) here are the pics I would have posted if I did.. Did that make sense?? Although today I had fun with photoshop so they might look different to last time.. If there is in fact a last time.. :) hehe..

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