August 28th, 2005

Hungry snail!

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Not every abandoned place is old, not every abanodoned place becomes so expectedly. There are many reasons, flood, disease, war, the following pictures all too clearly are the result of one of the most intimate for people; fire...

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Abandoned Farm: Columbia CT

"Jack O'Lantern"

Usually, I don't change the scene's I find by moving objects and or adding them. Since though, it is coming up on Halloween, I decided that this year's card/invites will be photographic in nature. So, with that in mind I took Mr. Jack with me. I think the next phase will be to take it at twilight and light it...yesss...I like..

So..happy early Halloween!

The Abattoir


I've been watching this community for a few months and I've finally decided to share some of my pics. These are from a project I did as part of my Fine Art degree course. They are of an abandoned abattoir in the East End of Glasgow, UK. They were taken in January 2004. The building had now been bulldozed to the ground. I find it quite sad.

[The Gateway]

[The Market] - where the cattle were auctioned

[The Poop Shoot] - cows crap a lot before they get slaughtered

[Retail] - where the processed meat was sold

I actually love the way the whole business was self-contained.

Sadly, I could not be given access to the kill floor for health and safety reasons, and the security guard could have gotten the sack for letting me wander around the outside, so I'm really grateful to him.