September 3rd, 2005


Abandoned Farm: Columbia CT


In the wake of Katrina I have been pondering the subject of my art. I have photographed places that have been left behind. The reasons for their being abandoned often are unknown to me. I suppose this is a part of the allure of the subject matter. The mystery of why these places are as they are. Upcoming weeks may find me in New Orleans or one of the other affected areas working with FEMA. Part of me thinks that photographing the remains of homes, buildings, and lives, will be somehow trodding on their pain. The other part of me, the photographer/photojournalist, feels that this is important to capture for posterity as well as to make people see without the slathering media eye.

If I do get the call, I will be in places that the media may not be allowed in for some time. The posts will be infrequent likely for a while. The tour of duty is 90 days with time to come home very 30. Nothing feels normal anymore.