September 12th, 2005

mac keyboard photo apple


Not sure if this allowed but..

Just out of curiosity, what kind of camera do you guys use for your abandoned photography?

Misc. info is always cool too.. like (if digital) the MP, addtn'l settings? Do you have a special flash or lense? DETAILS! :p

This is just for discussion..

Thanks :D

abandoned house - new kent, virginia

this house sits a little ways off of the road and it is terribly over-grown with just about anything and everything that grows in that area. we climbed over, crawed under, and managed to get ourselves through a ton of brush to get here. but i'm not complaining, that is part of the adventure :)

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i could have kicked myself for forgetting my tripod.

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Elim children's home

And what could feel more abandoned than an orphanage?

elk horn 001

Elim Children's Home was founded in the 1880s by Danish Lutherans who settled in Elk Horn, Iowa (about one hour west of Des Moines). Palma Peterson ran the orphanage until 1962 when it closed. It was purchased by a individual who lived there until it burned down around 1982. All that remains now are two pillars and a plaque.
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