September 14th, 2005


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THE urbanLEGEND - Arkansas Road-House - A big house on a hill where a boy murdered his family in the 90's. It's said that if you go into the house mysterious people run out, weird noises our heard like footsteps, doors slamming, windows breaking. - The house was built in the 40's. The whole area around it was a ranch, and that's where the family lived. The murders happened in the 60's or early 70's. There are two stories, the first being the family had a retarded son they kept in the cellar, but not abusively. He lived down there, had everything he need, bathroom, bed, television. There is a large walk in freezer down there too. Apparently he murdered his parents and kept the bodies in the freezer, and eventually died himself. The second story is that The kid that lived there wasn't retarded, and after his parents died of natural causes lived there. Collapse )
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dentist office

i was on the way to baltimore a few weeks ago and passed this building. i'm gonna go back eventually and get some better pictures that actually show what it looks like. i also want to get inside. i just didn't have much time to stop this time.

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