September 20th, 2005

X-posted in bits in my own lj...

The one day I desperately need a camera, my boyfriend has taken it with him on a visit home to his family! Grrrrrrrr!

Well, this post is a text-only description of my little exploration today, so I'll put it behind a cut. My boyfriend will be home at the weekend, and I shall be skipping skooliversity next week to go take pictures, but until then, I'm sorry...feel free to delete it if it's not in the spirit of the community :-)

Collapse )I wanted to ask your opinion on local residents, though - as there are still people living in houses right around the ones I've described, I'll be spotted immediately taking pictures. D'you think this would annoy or upset people? I don't wanna cause any bad feeling, people thinking I'm just doing this to be 'weird' or something. I'd like to hear their memories etc on living in the streets, but if the local council aren't interested in keeping such memories, I'd feel a bit of a fraud...
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