September 29th, 2005


[Abandoned Estate]

So, ages ago I posted a couple of 'teaser' shots from the estate with concrete cancer that's being demolished. Well, I think I did. I can't actually find them right now, which is disconcerting. Since I can't and it only adds 2 pictures, I'll repost them too... [Click images for large versions]

Kate's Gate Fetish Pages

Anyway, this estate is being demolished because it's got concrete cancer and here are some very poor quality photos (see end for explanation)Collapse )
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[Abandoned Court, Bristol]

Here's some quick'n'dirty shots of the old Court in Bristol.

It's actually opposite the new one, and I did get asked by security what I was up to; and apart from being a bit confused about why I'd want pictures of old buildings (I think they think I'm a very strange girl) they seemed happy enough for me to carry on; however I don't think I'll be trying for any interior shots, what with it being attached to the police station (which they seem to be in the process of closing) and, as I say, opposite an active court!

Bristol Old Court

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