October 10th, 2005

abandoned property - house in toano, va.

i couldn't find much background information on this house. the rumor is there was murder/suicide here some years ago. all i can say is that the entire time my brothers and i were in there, i was scared to death. i've never had a worse feeling going into an abandonded house than with this one. i don't even know how describe the emotions that we all felt going into this.

the house itself is really huge and still kind of nice on the inside, minus the random splatters of paint on the walls and ceilings.

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Me - Headshot

Antelope Valley Wander (West Lancaster Farm #2)

The final stop on the day long tour was actually a site I noticed by happenstance on the way to the previously shown farm. Whether it was once graced by a now vanished farm house, or if it was business, little remains to explain. Only a few old newspaper ads and a very battered phonebook from 1996 remained to date the site’s last usage.

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Jones Beach Long Island NY

Last week my boyfriend & I took a bicycle ride to the beach. I love the beach this time of year when it's quiet & desolate. I wish it could be like this all year round. During the beach season bicycles are not allowed. That's why I love this time of year when it's empty & we can go exploring.

That's the Tommy Hilfiger Theater formly known as the Jones Beach Theater where they have concerts all summer long. The stage is actually built on the bay.

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Off in the distance to the right is an abandoned concession stand
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