November 1st, 2005

Purina Factory - Gloucester, VA

on sunday october 30, i met up with a few people (christy, josh, & steffan) from the UER forum to explore an abandoned factory in gloucester.

we found the place okay, but that was a task on its own as it hidden in a residential area. when we finally found it, i was amazed to see how large the place/grounds really are. i was expecting one, maybe two large buildings, but it ended up being three large buildings and a few metal buildings for storage.

we got out of my car and almost immediately stumbled upon an owl and i actually had my camera out already and got a few shots of him. it was really weird being that close to a wild animal and he didn't really freak out at first, but he flew away after a minute or two. we then went on to explore the first building which appeared to be an office/warehouse.

(this is part of the second building):

Collapse )

this place was a lot of fun even with the gunshots. i still think that it was a pretty awesome "right before halloween" type scare.

i haven't been able to find any information about this factory at all. christy told me that back in the day there was a chemical spill that killed everyone working that shift and that is the reason it was closed. none of the local papers has an article on it.

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