November 8th, 2005

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OT: Halloween Touring and assorted Mayhem (The Photos)

Several weeks ago, I mentioned the prospect of visiting many of the amazing Halloween displays put on year by year in the Los Angeles area. Rather than post a bunch of pictures or be completely off topic, I’ll offer this one picture and links to my various personal LJ posts.

From the Hallowed Haunting Grounds “For you, in whom the spirit lives, we now invoke the blessed dead”

The Plan

Pre-Tour & Grimmstone Cemetery

Haunt with No Name, House on Haunted Hill & Boney Island

Boney Island (Continued)

Boney Island (Continued)

Hallowed Haunting Grounds

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Abandoned North Wales

Okay, so these are the abandoned buildings shots from my trip to wales. There were several abandoned cars too, which I wanted to snap, but a navigation error on my part lopped out the important part of the A470 on the way back.

The image quality isn't great, nor's the framing to be honest. They're quickly shot digital camera shots, quite a lot of the shot in heavy rain - some of them got deleted because the rain was so heavy you could barely make out the object being photographed!

Abandoned Wales
Near Plas Gwynant; I think. Sadly the rain made most of these photos unusable.
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