November 17th, 2005

Saber, wolf

Empty land.

Hiyas, first-time poster here from Singapore. I have been an amateur digital photographer for a while now. I am fascinated by a lot of themes, mostly nature-based. I have been looking at the pictures posted at "abandonedplaces" and I have to say that I am impressed. :)

As an introductory post, I am placing a picture which I personally titled "empty earth". Not sure if it's related to abandoned places. But this piece of land has been left vacant for a long time now.

Empty Earth

Thanks and I hope to see more beautiful photos!

Me - Headshot

OT: Edwards AFB Airshow 2005 (Eye Candy Part 1)

As it's been a slow day on the list, allow me to offer this somewhat off topic link to a personal post What's it about you ask? These are the first set of photos I've posted from the airshow held at USAF Flight Test Center at Edwards AFB, California (2005). Most of it's eye candy if you like aircraft both old and new. More will follow in the near future.
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