November 25th, 2005

scary dummy

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Some recent posts have got me thinking...

Why is it that asylums tend to be so creepy/pretty? Why can't we live in places like that?

When I buy a house, I'm going to have my interior decorator imprison a couple dozen insane people in it for a few decades, before I move in. So it'll get character.

Or maybe Pottery Barn should start selling stuff like rusty window bars and beds with restaint cuffs. And antique-looking electrode helmets. And dusty old boxes of patient records for scattering on the floor.

Hardware stores should have workshops on how to paint walls so that it looks like crazy people have been scratching on them for years. And of course, how to make the paint on other walls all peely!

Asylum chic. It'll be the new interior design craze. Who's with me?! :D