November 28th, 2005

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Abandoned now.. WWI photos

Hello everyone,

A person on my FL posted this url to color WWI photographs. The page takes a while to load but is VERY worth it to see this type of photo quality from that era, and there are many buildings that appear abandoned, or at least should be. Amazing.

From an anonymous commenter:

"They don't look colourised to me. I'm pretty sure they are genuine Tournassoud colour photos.

Only the French used colour photography during WW1, but is was a very, very expensive technique, hence the very high quality photos.

I saw the one with the glum looking Senagalese troops years ago, most of the rest I have not seen before. They are very rare. Only the French have them, as the British and Americans did not use Colour photograpy. There are however shots of british soldiers that were taken by Tournassoud.

Edit: They could not have been taken early in the war because up until 1915 French soldiers wore bright red trousers! The light blue came in 1915."
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New Haven Veterans Memorial Coliseum

They are currently in the process of tearing this wonderful building down. It was quite unique in my mind as the garage was actually on the roof of the building. Here are some pictures from it's glory days and some I took today. I've also included a few web links to related sites. We tried for years to save the coliseum. Too bad we failed.

Back in the good old days:

Save the New Haven Coliseum website.

A little while after construction:

-Image taken from

And images taken today:

1.Image hosted by

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