December 6th, 2005

Me - Headshot

Where to start and why! The past few weeks (Part One, the Photo Evidence)

Previously I wrote:
Several months ago, in Abandoned Places, a gentleman (mrgrifter) posted pictures of a building in central Los Angeles reported to possibly be abandoned. This building had a huge clown face painted on the side. We made contact and we sent me the location of this unique place. With his directions, my kids and I found the building. It wasn’t abandoned but it and the neighborhood was a gem to behold. The “clown building” had all manner of circus scenes on it. Adjacent to this building was a cul-de-sac, ending adjacent to the LA River. These buildings were all shops and warehouses, but they were painted up appear to be part of a Parisian street scene including false windows and fronts. Many years had passed since this was originally done, so in the dying light, the area had an almost surreal cast to it. Brenna and I both got shots – some with very surprising results.

I’d like to offer those pictures now.
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