January 5th, 2006

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Pt Fermin and The Sunken City (part 3)

For the folks in the Abandoned Places Community, this is actually the 3rd post in my series of photos on Point Fermin and the San Pedro area. I’m already planning another daylong expedition to photograph the former military facilities at Fort McArthur followed hopefully by a drive down the coast to shoot at the former Marineland of the Pacific (a closed ocean park near Palos Verdes, CA). Because of planned development in the area and its use as a movie filming site, I’m currently contacting the owners of the property to request access.

On to the main event... The Sunken City was a two block area at the southern most tip of San Pedro, CA. It was prime ocean front property that afforded views toward Catalina Island to the south and main harbor of Los Angeles/Long Beach to the east. In 1928 the area became even closer to the Pacific as a series of slow moving land shifts began. Quick action saved many of the houses constructed on 2 blocks of W Paso Del Mar and the end of South Carolina St. By the mid 1930’s, the subsidence had ended, but the road and neighborhood was deemed unsafe and fenced off. Nearly 80 years later, all that remains are broken foundations, crumbling road sections, and memories of a neighborhood now gone.

Where the road ends…

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These photographs aren't the best quality it was to judge the place, i think it looks spooky enough to explore. Don't you? It's a factory that is now closed down but was also used as a morge in WWI. Again sorry about the quality.

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aproximate translation:
On a sunny and windy saturday 30th march 1985 He died.
- And what about the children?
- I didn't met them.
the seeds of love will sprout late.
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