January 8th, 2006

  • _baker_

Hi :)

I have recently joined this community because it looked very interesting. Most of the posts here are absolutely wonderful and most of you have great talent for finding the perfect angle and lighting to make the perfect shot. I was wondering if you guys knew any places around Houston, TX that were abandoned?
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Has anyone else seen the trailer for Freedomland? (IMDB: Freedomland) I saw it before the start of "Brokeback Mountain" today.

While it doesn't mention anything about it on the IMDB page, the movie involves an abandoned childrens' asylum, which is the namesake for the movie. The shots they showed looked very much like some of the work we've seen posted in this community!

It looks like a beautiful film, and I'm excited to see it. My friend pointed out that the only potential drawback she saw was that it might be trying to take on too much-- Dealing with both the racial tension and the aslyum.

I'd be interested to hear what everyone else thinks.

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Hello everyone! I just joined so I thought I'd say hello. I have always been fascinated with urban exploration, so I think its so cool that there is a community dedicated to it! I've spent hours on the internet just looking at pictures. I look forward to looking at everyone's pictures. :)