January 11th, 2006

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POLL Time: Site explorations – where to next?

Poll #650188 Site explorations – where to next?

I was thinking about what sites I want to visit and when. It seems I have more sites in mind then time to visit, so putting them into priority of order is becoming a challenge. I need inputs…

1. Continue exploration around Palos Verdes / Ft. McArthur (Gun batteries, NIKE missile sites, and bunkers).
2. Victorville area locations (abandoned / ruined houses and a closed hotel).
3. Adelanto area (former George AFB).
4. Follow-up’s on previously shown sites.
5. No idea, surprise us
6. None of the above; go here instead….____________________ (note a place in southern California you’d suggest in a reply)
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Sylmar, CA

So today I went to my very first ever abandoned hospital! It wasn't so much abandoned as it was burned down, but it was still pretty sweet. I wasn't even sure where it was, but I had two guesses. So we all leave early this morning and go to my first guess. It wasn't there. Then we go to my second guess, and we still didn't see anything, but we saw this odd path, and decided to park and take a hike. The first thing we find is an old miniature golf course! It was pretty cool.

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Some of them still had the fake grass, but for most of them it'd be torn apart or removed. But it was still pretty neat. So we kept walking, which seemed like forever, and we finally found the abandoned hospital. But I don't think it was the place I was looking for in the first place, as I was looking for an actual abandoned place, not one that was burned down, but anyway. It was still pretty sweet. Here's a bunch of photos from it.

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This is in Sylmar CA, behind the Olive View- UCLA Hospital. Anyone know of any other good abandoned place around LA?

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who posted about sending letter to that guy in jail?

i'm interested in talking to him, but i can't find the post with his address or anything.. honestly, i can't even remember what community it was posted in which is why this is xposted like mad.

if you posted that and you're reading this, it's be excellent if you could e-mail me: urbexjunkie@gmail.com

thanks for the time guys, sorry about the random post.

Marineland of the Pacific. Palos Verdes, CA.

Marineland of the Pacific was an aquarium on the Palos Verdes peninsula (south of Los Angeles, north of Long Beach). At the time of its opening in 1954, it was the largest oceanarium in the world. The park closed in 1987.

The ruins of Marineland will soon be replaced by a "luxury resort." I visited this location a few times last summer, but as of September, construction crews surrounded the few remaining structures. I imagine most of this is gone by now...

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