January 12th, 2006


Utica NY

Abandoned power substation, Cornelia & Oriskany Sts. This building is one of my biggest challenges because I want to get inside in the worst way--BUT--it is securely padlocked and right next to the Utica PD fleet garage (& also 2 doors away from police HQ) :-P

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But who knows what the future will bring? ;-)
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POLL Time: Site explorations – Results

Site explorations – Poll results from my personal LJ and the communities posted to. Result totals are bold

1. Continue exploration around Palos Verdes / Ft. McArthur (Gun batteries, NIKE missile sites, and bunkers). [19]

2. Victorville area locations (abandoned / ruined houses and a closed hotel). [32]

3. Adelanto area (former George AFB). [11]

4. Follow-up’s on previously shown sites. [3]

5. No idea, surprise us [27]

6. None of the above; go here instead….____________________ [3]

It sounds pretty clearly like the next expedition will be to Victorville, Hesperia and Apple Valley with some surprises tucked in for good measure.
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this is the old grain silo down by the toronto port, right beside where tent city used to be. it's completely welded shut now but a few years back a few friends and i managed to get inside. kinda creepy standing underneath those huuuuge empty silos in almost pitch black. smells like rotten grain too. sick.

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checking to see if this hosting site works. if so, this is one of my favorite shots i took at the abandoned don valley brickworks in toronto, ontario.

edit: so it does work. click on it to see full size.