January 19th, 2006


OT: Camera decisions - Snake bit again

Well, I've now spent over $900 over the last year on a new Minolta camera and several accessories. The camera's tremendous and many people have complimented the quality. Now I'm faced with an interesting dilemma...

Minolta just sold off their camera business to Sony

It was already difficult to find Minolta lens and accessories, but this is going to really throw the process up into the air. The question is whether or not Sony will support the older (Hell even the newer) Minolta lens and products. In the short term, I'm sure they will, but to what level and cost...




EDIT: The hits just keep on coming. I browsed the Konica-Minolta site for lens and accessories. EVERY LENS they list for sale was "Out of Stock." They appearently shut down production last year to be completely out of stock already.
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