January 20th, 2006

sump in my nieghborhood

Here are some pictures I took inside a sump in my nieghborhood. It has alot of abandoned stuff mostly shopping carts and beer bottles just thought it was a cool little place to explore. for those not familiar with sumps its used for drainage from the roads.



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Me - Headshot

OT: Camera decisions - Snake bit again (part 2)

The Sony slant on this is actually written in plain English. It gives me hope that the camera and lenses will be continued to be supported in some form or manner. Quality control has always been an issue with Sony, but K-M looks like it will be producing SLR cameras and lenses under the Sony brand.

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Utica NY 2004-05

Between nasty weather and a nasty cold, I've had to curtail my photo-explorations this week. I dug a series out of the archives, though, which I think will fit in well in the community :-) This set captures the demolition of the vacant Utica Plumbing Supply warehouse and an adjacent store on the 300 block of Lafayette, all of which occured from Nov 04 to Jan 05. The Utica Police Fleet Maintenance garage now occupies this site.

This whole block has been in the process of being torn down so consider this the first in a series ;-)

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