January 21st, 2006

Bird's Eye Meat/Food processing factory, Indianapolis, IN

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more here http://photobucket.com/albums/y213/ninjatanuki/Not%20an%20Exit%20-%20abandoned%20meat%20factory/

I got into the abandoned Bird's Eye meat and food processing factory here in Indianapolis, IN. Great atmosphere, warped walls, water and fire damage, caved in floors, meat lockers, freezers, cages, and its 5 floors! I only got a few quick preliminary shots of the first floor and the courtyard area, going back with my tripod soon to get some real shots. Also, unfortunatley it was too dark to go without flash, and flash kinda ruined the dark, damp mood of the building. But you can still get the idea.

An interesting theme in the building was that every single door, including the exits, had a sign that said "Not an Exit", Creepy?

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Utica NY 2004-05

Ferris Bldg. demolition, 300 block of Lafayette St., now a temporary parking lot for some UPD tactical and undercover vehicles.

Interesting side note--an attorney owned this warehouse and stored numerous old cars inside it. I got to know the guys who were contracted to remove the cars (and eventually restore them for resale) and they let me take A LOT of vehicle shots. Unfortunately, the other guy who was in charge of cleaning out the first floor was pretty pompous and I was unable to get inside and explore as I'd have liked.

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