February 1st, 2006

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Asbury Park, New Jersey

I took these pictures back in 2001. Basically, Asbury Park used to be a big tourist destination until things went downhill, and it mostly became a ghost town full of abandoned hotels and even an abandoned amusement park. There has been a restoration initiative in the last couple of years, so some of these buildings have either been fixed up or torn down since I took these pictures.

This is the "downtown" area.

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I discovered this barn last summer but never bothered to go check it out until now.

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It isn’t in a rural area. It is located Allison Park, PA, an upper middle class suburb about 10 miles North of Pittsburgh. The building itself is about 50 feet away from an apartment complex on one side, about 30 feet from a housing plan on the other side, and about 50 feet from a main road on the other side. Not nearly as secluded as it seems.

The whole time I was trying to move quickly. Although I checked for no trespassing signs, I still wasn’t sure I wasn’t just tramping through someone’s backyard. There is a house near the barn and although it appeared to be pretty run down, there were trash cans sitting outside and I didn’t want to chance that someone was living there and was home.

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