August 21st, 2006

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Williston Power Plant

We spent a night in Williston, ND during our ghost town hunt Memorial Day weekend. A friend of mine is from there and was staying there with her parents for the weekend. In the morning she and her Auntie Lori brought us to this abandoned power plant where she used to party when she was in high school. There was no roof and no front, and it had apparently been abandoned a long time. The guy who owned the land was coming home when we got there and he said he didn't mind if we went over there to take pictures. He said he didn't mind people coming around, but he had to post his land because kids kept destroying his stuff. I really liked the power plant, and it wasn't anything like anything I had expected to see on my ghost town hunt.

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Wormwood Hill

Wormwood Hill Farm Interior 1

Circa 1726, this farm has been a working farm until 2003, when the last owner passed away. This house has pretty much not been updated since the 20's or 30's.
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blue star diner - newport news, va

This is the Blue Star Diner in Newport News, VA. It was shut down around Christmas 2005 after a fire; it's not known if it will open again. I have no idea how long the diner has been around, but from the looks of it, I would guess it went into business in the 1950s. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go inside; the building sits on a pretty busy highway and is also right down the street from a community policing center. Apparently the diner was in a movie, but I have no idea which one (and no... it wasn't Diner).

Blue Star Diner, Newport News VA

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