August 29th, 2006


Poison Ivy Valance

Image Hosted by This is in Hudson where I live. Another old house about to get rehabbed. The poison ivy had grown into the bathroom window making a curtain. I am having a miserable time trying to make a successful lj-cut so I can post more pics of . Can anyone help? I promise I am not stupid.

St. John's Convent, Toronto

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Today I went to an abandoned nunnery in Toronto. The place has only been out for two years but it's all ready been trashed to pieces. There's bits of glass, porcelain, tile, drywall, scrap metal, etc. everywhere! Also the place is potentially inhabited by squatters, though I didn't see any, but there were a few beds and 'homes' about the buildings.
Anyway, here are some photos I took while there. You can find a few more on my Flickr page. Enjoy!

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