August 31st, 2006

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Greetings folks,

It’s been a while for me to offer an update, however I have several in the works. In July and August, I’ve dcompleted about a seven explorations in the surrounding area and on a business trip (to Marietta, GA). In fact the Georgia pictures are the next ones I’m going to work on (two abandoned gas stations).

In the mean time, I know a number of folks on the list are in the Goth subculture. Each August, a unique event occurs at Disneyland in southern California. The Goths invade the Magic Kingdom for Bats Day. I took over 300 photos at the event and recently posted photos or gallery links here.

A beautiful derelict: Bratislava, Slovakia

I found this place while wandering around Bratislava. It looks to be in some stage of renovation, but at the moment, nothing seems to be happening. I found a way in, through the loosely chained front door, but I didn't venture in. Across the street from this place is a large office for Dell Computers. Overall, Bratislava had an interesting mix of new and old. Shiny, futuristic glass buildings surrounded by soot covered old stuff with crumbling facades.

More to come...

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I recently took photos of the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia. It is not necessarily abandoned since now the prison is a museum, but it definitely has that abandoned look about it. It is nearing 200 years old and has not been a museum for too long since it was temporarily 'abandoned' when it shut down as a prison in 1971 - 1999. I'm not entirely certain if this qualifies in this community and if you must delete this post I entirely understand. A friend on my list recommended I post the photos here, so I thought I would share some of them.

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