January 1st, 2008

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Hey folks,

I wanted to add a final reminder for tomorrow's trip down to the Salton Sea. The planned meet up time is between 10 and 10:30am at The Wheel Inn, in Cabazon, CA. For directionally challenged folks, (http://www.wikimapia.org/#lat=33.920358&lon=-116.77351&z=14&l=0&m=m&v=2)
this is about 80 miles east of downtown Los Angeles on Interstate 10 (exit 106). The plan is to head out of the lot towards North Shore no later than 11:30a. In case of issues getting there, my mobile phone number is 661-seven three three - eight two three six.

I strongly encourage folks coming to this to carpool to Cabazon and absolutely from Cabazon to the Salton Sea. My car is full. Additionally, bring water, strudy shoes/boots and possibly gloves. The weather for tomorrow is expected to be in the mid 70's but windy 10 to 15 mph) at the areas we'll be going to. Plan accordingly.

One last note. The some of the areas we will be going to, still have people living in and around then. If it remotely appears occupied, respect other people's property. Telephoto lenses are great for verifying that a building, trailer or business isn't still in use. Lastly, and this is something I can't stress enough, this is not a scavenger hunt. Have fun photographing, and exploring, but be safe and smart.

Very special thanks to eightwednesday for organizing this trip.

Wagon Wheel Motel, California

xposted from my LJ... please forgive my only marginally passable photography skills. I'm learning! But dangit this place is just too awesome. And google doesn't yield many image results for it, so it was my civic duty.

I finally got a chance to take pictures of the Wagon Wheel! Man, it was every bit of cool I thought it'd be. And more. We got in easily--the fence was a mess. The grounds are huge. I'm terrible at estimating size (huh huh) but it was really big, with more than 8 separate buildings. Several buildings had a second floor, too.

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