January 4th, 2008

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Video: 8 minutes of abandoned Danish harbour

An interview with one of DK's famous writers - which is not interesting, since most of you won't understand a word, although he's speaking about the decay and the aestetics of decay in this place where he grew up. But the pictures... 8 minutes of abandoned buildings around a small Northern Danish harbour. Abandoned buildings in DK are quite rare - property prices and DK law prevent things to deteriorate entirely.

(Four hours west of Copenhagen)
Me - Shooting Profile

Abandoned Places – US Hwy 395 (Part 4a)

As mentioned before, on this trip, my partner and I visited 4 locations on and close to US Highway 395 in the western Mojave Desert.

1. The Hawes Communications Bunker (Visit #4 because she wanted to see it);
2. The Atolia Tungsten Mines (4 miles square – 100+ mine openings);
3. Randsburg, CA (A Class C “living” ghost town – 300 houses, 78 residents);
4. Boron Minimum Security Federal Prison Camp (This required two visits)

Without a doubt, one of the most amazing places I’ve ever gotten to photograph and explore was this next site. Boron Air Force Station was a remote but in military terms autonomous ‘radar” base in the Mojave Desert near Edwards AFB. The site was constructed in the 1950’s and housed several radar complexes, including the primary regional air defense radar for the Los Angeles/San Diego region. It is also included a backup radar control site according to some documents for the Los Angeles NIKE missile batteries that protected the area until the 1970’s. The configuration of the radar towers seems to support that a NIKE radar site was here at one time, though the nearest acknowledged launch battery was over 70 miles away. In the 1970’s (about the same time NIKE was deactivated), the Air Force declared the site surplus and turned it over to the Department of Justice Bureau of Prisons) and the FAA. After two years of modification, the Boron Minimum Security Federal Prison Camp opened for business.

Boron Minimum Security FPC (outdoor views)


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ville: diabolical

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Check out some of the photos we took of some of the freakiest abandoned buildings and what we affectionately call "Chicken Shack Gas Stations" and signs that advertise "Human Jerky" along the truly chilling Highway 395 through Olancha, Pearsonville and Inyokern, CA.


I have stories about the green house with the "evil eye" on the side. In fact, I now own a piece of the house. Literally. As I approached, I noticed that there was a smallish, rectangular piece of wood tinged with the same green paint lying in the sand about 60 feet from the house. I thought about just taking a picture of it, but I was suddenly terrified and completely scatter-brained. I was so freaked out just standing there shooting the place that I just wanted to get out of there as quickly as I could.

I took as many photos as possible, as fast as possible, without getting too close. My hands were shaking, my heart was pounding, and there were inexplicable noises coming from the place and all around it that still haunt me. Stranger still, there was NO wind and NO traffic while I was shooting. These were simply noises coming from the house and the surrounding desert. I couldn't relax for at least a half hour down the highway. So as I ran as fast I could back to the car and, although I thought better of it (I know! It's a cardinal sin! Against the rules!), I couldn't resist it... I picked up the chunk of wood and took it with me.