January 13th, 2008


Pelham Mills Factory

This blog focuses on the very historical ruins of Pelham Mills in Greer SC. From http://www.nationalregister.sc.gov/greenville/S10817723037/index.htm :

The archaeological significance of the site of the twentieth century Pelham Mills factory and its nineteenth century precedents is that this resource embodies physical evidence of the birth and growth of the piedmont textile industry, which has been one of the major shapers of South Carolina’s present economic, social, demographic, and landscape character. The ruins of Pelham Mills was listed in the National Register November 19, 1987.
All 123 pictures of the Pelham office,dam ruins, and the dam are in this flickr set.

View of brick pilings which supported the water turbine-driven shaft(s) that powered the mill’s spinning machinery; the foundation enclosed turbine area and corner wall of the mill’s main powerhouse.  On the far left is the stone foundation.  The brush is being burned off around the ruins.  This picture was taken from the top of the dam.

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