January 14th, 2008

Hi. Any places in Maryland?

I've searched high and low about information of the ruins in Maryland that I could possibly visit but I seem to come on nothing. I know that there are places at my school (University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), the school that was built on a mental hospital grounds) that are abandoned but I wouldn't have a clue where they are. Does anyone know anywhere savvy to go to? Sorry that I'm terribly unexperienced and new. Thank you anyways.
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Abandoned Places – US Hwy 395 (Part 4c)

1. The Hawes Communications Bunker (Visit #4 because she wanted to see it);
2. The Atolia Tungsten Mines (4 miles square – 100+ mine openings);
3. Randsburg, CA (A Class C “living” ghost town – 300 houses, 78 residents);
4. Boron Minimum Security Federal Prison Camp (This required two visits)

The Visitors Center
Unlike most prisons, this facility seemed to have very low key security for the visitor compound. Remember that inmates here were low risk, non-violent offenders. Think middle age, white collar and stupid. As such, the security for visitors and directed at inmates was very loose compared to a ‘traditional’ jail or prison you see in the movies or television.

Safety first - this warning seemed to be more to keep kids from climbing the fence, back in the day.

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Ожидание. Waiting.

Суд вечный в небе, на земле.
Ждёт здание судьбы своей.
Духи его обитателей в нетерпение ёрзают на старых стульях.
Стены покрыты дрожью трещин в ужасе перед скорой судьбой.
Молитесь за их души,
Молитесь за их тела.

Eternal court in skies and on the Earth.
The building awaits its destiny.
Spirits of its inhabitants fidget on old chairs in impatience.
The walls are covered with a shiver of cracks because of horror.
Pray for their souls.
Pray for their bodies.

Под катом больше размером.

Under cut in bigger size.

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SoCal Trip - San Diego, Orange and Riverside County

San Diego, Orange and Riverside County folks, this is for you!

We have an interesting challenge. As was noted before, a reporter has asked if we will help her to see what the attracts us to abandoned places. First off, would folks in the counties mentioned please contact Rosa about her article. Second, how many folks would be up for a hunt in two weeks (Jan 26th primary or Jan 27th as a backup) in the mentioned counties? To have a successful hunt and exploration we need suggestions for area sites and a meet up location. Please e-mail these suggestions to me privately (see my profile).

To note, given the recent sad news from San Bernardino County, local authorities may be more than a bit nervous of people going into certain sites. If there's enough interest, then we want to look at sites where we can get into and out of safely and quickly.

Lastly, I am not organizing a general carpool this time. There was a couple missed connections and ill will following the Salton Sea trip. I'd like to avoid that and give everyone the chance to plan ahead.
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Greer SC Farm House

The area around Greer SC used to be farmland. Now an airport and car maker have made obsolete a former farm house and barn. In time the land will be cleared for industry or a new housing division... the march of progress.

All 60 pictures of this location are in this flickr set. There are more pictures of the barn and outside pictures of the house.

Top: Front of House.
Bottom: Second Floor Room, Windows are Covered with Vines.

Click on picture to see more larger image

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