January 18th, 2008


My first post...

Hello everyone! I am new--- and I admit that I do not get to go on these excursions very often..in fact, abandoned places around here are pretty hard to come by. However, I love this community and I have been silently lurking for a while now. I would love to offer what I do have... which thus far, unfortunately, is composed of just one adventure in an abandoned house in rural Indiana.

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Ann Arbor, MI?

Hey guys...
I've been looking around and I can't seem to find any posts on Ann Arbor. Has anybody seen anything cool in the Washtenaw county area (besides the Northville Hospital?). Thanks!

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Abandoned Places – US Hwy 395 (Part 4d)

1. The Hawes Communications Bunker (Visit #4 because she wanted to see it);
2. The Atolia Tungsten Mines (4 miles square – 100+ mine openings);
3. Randsburg, CA (A Class C “living” ghost town – 300 houses, 78 residents);
4. Boron Minimum Security Federal Prison Camp (This required two visits)

The Dorms

The prison complex had some notable features which may have eventually led to its closure. The majority of the inmate population lived in dorm complexes versus cells. In fact the only locks on the building were found on the entrance and exit doors to each dorm (and even then they had alarmed fire exits). According to the info on the prison, the population here varied from 350 to 450 inmates at any given time. Coupled with the evidence, this would put three to four inmates per dorm room. Even with the good conditions, the lax security arrangements led more than a few inmates, simply walking down to the nearby highway to be picked up by an accomplice.

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boston blood

Im baaaack...

These were taken at the old Hardwick Music Camp in Hardwick, MA. It's where my mom and dad met. and lived together for a while along with quite a few more people from my family. It was a camp for Jewish kids to practice their music. Then it turned into a homeless shelter, then a role playing camp.

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