January 23rd, 2008

JGL: feeling everything

Cambodia in black and white.

the most recent post about the Cambodian temples finally spurred me into action. I've been meaning to post these for months now, I have no idea why it hasn't happened till now.

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I have about 30 rolls from 3 weeks of travel. unfortunately I haven't had enough free time away from other photography projects to get all them printed. hopefully over the next month or so I'll have more available :)

Nikon N80 QD, Tamron lense, yellow filter, 400 T-max black and white film.
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Abandoned Steel Plant

Over the weekend I re-visited one of my favorite abandoned industrial sites just outside Birmingham, Alabama: the old U.S. Steel Ensley Works closed for about 25-years. That object in the center of the photo above is at least two-stories tall. I have a new photo set of images available here.