January 24th, 2008

damn fine coffee

St. Anthony's Academy - exterior and basement

St. Anthony's Academy (also known as the Warsaw Convent) is located across the street from St. Stanislaus Church in Warsaw, ND. It was built in 1920 by the Sisters of the Resurrection and served as an educational institution until the school was closed in 1969. It went on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979. It was restored in the mid-1990's, to what I'm not sure.

These pictures were all taken 16 years ago, in the early part of 1992. I went in maybe two or three times. I have to apologize for the quality, because I was using a really cheap, crappy point & shoot with flash, and for some reason the pictures seem to focus more on my friends than on the building. But I hope you can see around them and enjoy the pictures anyway!

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Me - Headshot

San Diego Exploration - Delayed for weather

Given that the weather across southern California is not very good for (safe) exploring or photography, I'm going to delay the tentative exploration to the San Diego area for two weeks (Feb 9th or 10th). I'm still hoping for folks to offer up a meeting location or potential sites. Please e-mail or message me privately.


The beautiful photos on here have re-awakened my desire to get a nice digital cam. I am familiar with some aspects of photography (was an art minor). Have a film Canon Rebel but tired of developing costs and inconvenience.

I take architecture, nature (desert and mountain), texture, and night pictures. I'm not a professional but am very picky. I was thinking of the Canon G10 and a nice tripod. Any thoughts? I really enjoy the beauty and quality of photos in this community (and the subject matter, claro que!) so I thought I'd ask! I'd really like to achieve something like the quality here. Thanks so much ahead of time.

EDIT: OH! I forgot to mention that the Canon Rebel is a film camera, not digital. That makes a big difference, sorry! I want to switch to digital.