January 26th, 2008

JGL: feeling everything

old tobacco buildings.

I only have one picture because film is a tedious (but amazing) process.

this is from an old abandoned tobacco building complex in my town (Simsbury, CT). we have a lot of old run down buildings that the tobacco company has just given up on using.

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there were wonderful vines crawling all over the building.
Mark Twain

Evergreen Airfield, Vancouver Washington

This is my first real attempt at shooting an abandoned site.
It was a very cold day, so I was shivering a bit, and didn't do as well as I'd hoped, but I hope to get back there before they make the hotels and strip malls that are planned for the site this year.
To summarise the site: it's a small public airfield that opened in the 40s. The owner died a few years ago, and his family didn't have the money to keep it going, so they sold it to development parasites, and closed it a couple years ago.
I never flew out of there myself, and never touched any of the buildings until I shot it, but as a young kid I remember watching the planes take off there, and as a teenager I remember(barely, sometimes) having chemically aided "flights" across the street at a friend's house whose father dealt in...uh..."flight inducing" chemicals ;)
Anyhow, here are the pics I've taken so far.

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So, more quantity than quality this time...but I'll try to get back there before they destroy it.

Here's a few links about the place: