January 28th, 2008


Weiks farm: Littlerock, WA

New to the community so thought I would share a couple pics.

This dairy farm belonged to my great aunt and uncle. The property was foreclosed in 1999 and turned into a wildlife sanctuary. After the family moved off the property, transients moved in and had a couple meth labs that had to be shut down, forever contaminating the house. Sad, I remember spending many a Christmas and weekends in the summer running around this place. I would like to get into the house this spring and I will definitely take pictures.

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This is an abandoned one-room schoolhouse in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. It's called the Lindbergh School and it was 70 odd years old. It had even been briefly used as a residence. This past October, it was sadly demolished. It had been abandoned and neglected for decades, but I found a lot of beauty in it.

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military bases, ghost towns, oh my!

I've always thought... hmmm wouldn't it be cool to take a vacation outside the US simply to go and explore? Sure, but if you're traveling that far and spending that much, then it had better be above average exploration we're talking about.

Does this qualify? Abandoned submarine bases and abandoned cities in the former Soviet Union. And let's not forget that there are areas near Chernobyl that are actually safe to visit but which remain uninhabited. If you saw the History Channel special "Life After Humans" you know what I mean.

Then there's this abandoned town in Southern Africa... Kolmanskop. There's a lot more pics in the Gallery
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