January 30th, 2008


St. Anthony's Academy part 2 - upper floors

Here are the rest of the pictures of St. Anthony's Academy (also known as the Warsaw Convent) in Warsaw, North Dakota. They were all taken in the early part of 1992. Again, I apologize for the flash. I have left out most of the ones with people in them, so you can see more building!

It was built in 1920, abandoned in 1969, and remodeled in the mid-1990's.

The chapel was on the main floor. I didn't take any pictures of it without people in it :(

The one where the flash didn't work. Probably the best one!

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New photo a day blog

I have started a new blog where i post one Urbex photo a day from my collection along with a write up with a bit of history and my experience photographing the place as well as links to galleries from other photogs. I will still be posting larger sets and non-urbex/model photos to this blog just not in the same frequency beause of my crazy schedule.

Feel free to add itrx_photoaday